Staff Experience                 

- is a position achieved.
* is a continuation/promotion from previous (above) position.

Server: Minecraft Central (Open)
Website: Click
  - Helper 7th February 2016 to 8th March 2016
  - Helper 30th July 2017 to 4th November 2017
  * Moderator 4th November 2017 to 14th March 2018

Server: MC Plasma (Open)
Website: Click
  - Manager 21st June 2018 to present

Server: FrozenPixel/RitzyMC (Closed)
Website: N/A
  - Helper N/A to N/A
  - Moderator N/A to N/A
  - Sr. Moderator N/A to N/A
  - Manager N/A to N/A

There are a lot more, however these are the ones that are worthwhile & that I can remember.